Lawyers' Professional Liability

Addressing the most commonly overlooked gaps in coverage

USI Affinity is proud to offer the D.C. Bar Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance Program, which focuses on addressing the most commonly overlooked gaps in coverage to mitigate claims before they arise.

Featuring several enhanced coverages, including some never seen before in the LPL marketplace – the policy features of the D.C. Bar LPL Insurance program focus on protecting your reputation, your income and your network:

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Fee Suit Avoidance

In the event that an outstanding fee remains unpaid by a client, instead of suing for fees, which may result in a counter suit for malpractice, the Attorneys’ Preferred policy will allow for one fee, up to $10,000, to be reimbursed from the carrier. With the average US LPL claim at about $75,000, this could potentially protect the firm’s reputation from the negative impact of a counter claim for malpractice.

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Settlement Control

The carrier will never settle a claim on your behalf, without your consent. USI Affinity understands that your reputation is a valuable asset and we want to help you to protect it. Should you choose to fight a claim that you believe has no merit, you will not be responsible to cover the difference between the proposed settlement amount and actual, should the claim be settled against you.

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Loss of Earnings

In the event that you have to make court appearance to fight a claim, you are entitled to recoup those billable hours lost. USI Affinity negotiated with the carrier for reimbursement of $1000 per day, up to $25,000 per insured, regardless of the number of insureds or days in attendance, or the number of trials. $100,000 Aggregate. Reimbursement not subject to deductible.

Icon_Subpoena Assistance_150x150.svg

Subpoena Assistance

Responding properly, adequately, and timely to a subpoena is critical – but not always easy to do. USI Affinity has negotiated with the carrier to provide Professional Subpoena Assistance and reimbursement up to the policy limit for all reasonable attorney’s fees and other costs, expenses and fees related to subpoena response.

Icon_License Protection_150x150.svg

License Protection

You worked hard to earn your license to practice law – what would you do without it? Should a disciplinary proceeding be brought against you, USI Affinity negotiated to have the carrier cover up to $50,000 per disciplinary proceeding and $100,000 in aggregate, per policy period. Reimbursement not subject to deductible.

Icon_Reputation Coverage_150x150.svg

Reputation Coverage

In today’s digital world, news spreads fast - especially bad news. Should your firms be negatively impacted due to false accusations made publicly, USI Affinity has negotiated 50% reimbursement of reasonable fees, costs and expenses for consulting services provided by a public relations firms for each crisis event, up to $25,000 per event, up to $50,000 in the aggregate for all crisis events in a policy period. Payments made are not subject to a deductible.

Icon_Breach Evnt Cyber Invst Exp_150x150.svg

Breach Event Expenses and
Cyber Investigation Expenses

Coverage for breach event expenses directly resulting from a privacy or security breach. As well as coverage for cyber investigation expenses directly resulting from a regulatory investigation regarding a Privacy Breach or Security Breach. Coverage up to $50,000 per Privacy Breach, Security Breach or Regulatory Investigation. $50,000 in aggregate.